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The "RIVERDALE OBSERVER" is an individualy written, produced and distributed broadside newspaper dealing with one topic per issue as it relates to Riverdale Park, Prince Georges County, Maryland, United States of America, Earth, Milkyway Galaxy, Universe, and Beyond (the writer does not wish to be too limited in subject matter).

Location: Riverdale Park, Maryland, United States

Born and raised in Weems, Virginia attended VPI, BS General Science 1964, Work experience in Research and Quality Control Labs; WWTP Management, Operation, and Teaching; Member of various Boards, Organic Food and Farming, Tax Reform, Homeschool, and Soccer. Married, wife and I homeschool two teenage children.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dutch Football School/Homeschool Soccer

I have been busy catching up on paperwork for the soccer class I teach Monday and Wednesday mornings. The children are picking up soccer pretty quickly. I am still impressed on how well children learn in the Dutch School method, children that had not played soccer until two months ago are holding their own with children their age who have been playing soccer for awhile. I invite Homeschoolers to come by and see what we are doing and how it works. You can still join in for several more weeks. We are at Riverside Park in Riverdale Park, Maryland.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Election Has Ended

The Riverdale Park Elections where a Tour de Force by the POGOS resulting in a sweep of the independent candidates running in the three contested ward races and the "Old Line" Mayor, if my memory serves he has been Mayor three times. The circumstance brings to memory and old story.

A long time ago in a country far away, there was a CEO who had been sacked by the Board of Directors. In the kindness of his heart he agreed to brief the new CEO. The new CEO was very proud of himself, but also knew there was much valuable information to be gained from his experienced predecessor. They met and the wise old man gave the youngster some good insigh, and then at the end of the meeting the old CEO handed the new CEO three envelopes. "What are these for?" asks the New. "The most important thing that I can give you," says Old, "At your first crisis open the envelope marked one, the second crisis open number two, and at the third crisis open number three".

After several months passed the CEO felt things were of crisis proportions, so he opened envelope one, and pulled out the paper and opened it. "BLAME YOUR PREDECESSOR" says it. Well, things settled down a bit and the CEO, feeling very in control, plunged along for several months, and lo and behold another crisis. The last advice was good so the CEO opened envelope number two. With great anticipation he unfolded the paper "REORGANIZE", oh yes, he would do that. There were a few fits and starts, but all settled again for half a year. Then another crisis blew up and he opened envelope three to find his advise to salvation. "PREPARE THREE ENVELOPES" said envelope three.

Some other observations. Most of the POGOS I have met are to young to have seen the daily and Sunday POGO cartoons published in the 40's, 50's, and 60's. Listen to the wisdom of the real POGO, who said, "We have met the enemy and he is us". Also keep in mind that a mandate is the enemy of Open Government. Remember "Citizens for Open Government" many of those supporters got fed up with the Imperious treatment they received and formed PRIDE to unseat the Government that had turned on them. And now there is POGOS, do not let the power go to your head and start ignoring the concerns of your opposition, for once you do, then you are on the slippery slope of ignoring your supporters as well. The Future is Yours to Lose or Keep. POGOS, you have the mandate, use it wisely. You have the support to do what you will, do not waste time blaming the past.

"Beware of what you pray for, you may get it." With your mandate if any thing goes wrong there is no one but yourself to blame; do bear in mind that the skills to get elected are quite different from those required to govern have not yet won the election, untill you demonstrate that you can govern well.