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Location: Riverdale Park, Maryland, United States

Born and raised in Weems, Virginia attended VPI, BS General Science 1964, Work experience in Research and Quality Control Labs; WWTP Management, Operation, and Teaching; Member of various Boards, Organic Food and Farming, Tax Reform, Homeschool, and Soccer. Married, wife and I homeschool two teenage children.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Meandering and Musing

The time has flown unbelievingly fast, three weeks since the last post.

We finished the home school soccer program and the certificates have been given out. I have had more contacts from new homeschoolers, and am on the way to getting volunteer assistant parents to give continuity to each session, which will add value to what by reports of a blind winter survey is a good program already.

Northern County Soccer Alliance, Inc. is increasing its Prince George's Soccer League by adding a middle and elementary school divisions to its existing high school division. The league is a recreation league with certified referees. The league is open to all.

I have also been busy reanalyzing the local land and improvements assessments. First for the real estate bubble that hit, an overall increase of about 20% on land and an increase of about 40% on improvements; and that being done the town changed its land and improvements tax rate. Second time around, on to the spread sheet and data base again, decided to look at all in more detail-found some interesting things that I have passed on to Center for the Study of Economics at; of particular interest to Riverdale Park residents and the Economic Development of Town Center and its molasses flowing UPHILL pace is PHILADELPHIA, PA - City Controller Jonathan A. Saidel's Tax Structure Analysis Report.

I am also having the death defying act to perform of crossing US Route 1 (Baltimore Boulevard) on Queensbury Road during rush hour several times a week. I have been lobbying the Town Administration (last three, starting on fourth) and the Traffic committee to take some action to improve the intersection. It has gone from difficult and dangerous to almost impossible to cross. Now days if you do not force your way through the traffic the north bound drivers will block crossing ever how many lights one is willing to sit through. I wrote about the situation to my new Ward 1 CM after they took office; I have had no reply in the past three months so I guess I'll need to write again.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coming on to the end of Spring Soccer

We have had a good season with 30 children participating in the program. We also have a couple parent volunteers for the fall program. In total I would like to get two each for the 5-9, 10-14, and 15-19 age groups. If you know some homeschoolers interested in soccer please tell them - we can teach soccer to up to sixty children on one soccer field and we will be starting on the second Monday of September.

The campaign took a lot of time and I am slowly catching up. Then perhaps I can expand on subject material.