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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dutch Football School/Homeschool Soccer Program

I am gearing up for the fall soccer class, with intentions of extending it beyond the current inner beltway area of present. The article below is to appear in the next Maryland Home Educator's Association newsletter...follow the link for additional information on homeschooling. I will also be doing a Dutch Football School Soccer Coaches Clinic with Jim Wildoner and David Hiles, August 20 and 27 see the second article.


NCSA Dutch Football School/Homeschool Soccer Program, Fall 2005

Myname is Jack R. Jones and I am an MSYSA certified Intermediate Level DutchFootball School Coach. I got tired of having to do the after work sportsprograms that are so prevalent, so I searched around for a way to do PhysicalEducation during the day. Over time I discovered an organization was necessaryto get the insurance and the access to MNCPPC facilities so I helped incorporatethe Northern County Soccer Alliance, Inc.

It is an excellent home for a home school Physical Education Program with several advantages

One:Learn a sport as an academic exercise for Physical Education during the daytime. I have been doing a Fall and Spring, Monday and Wednesday 10:00 toNOON home school soccer class with the help of parent volunteers for fourseasons now. The class runs ten weeks and is based on the Dutch FootballSchool's (DFS) method of teaching soccer by playing soccer in various 4v4,4v5, and 5v5 games on small fields. The basic idea is to incorporate moresoccer into training so there is better fun.

Two: This is a good wayof coaching soccer for home school parents. It is easy to do. I ave foundit is easier to teach parents, with no coaching or soccer experience, todo the (DFS) than it is to teach those who have been conditioned to coachsoccer by the laps, lines, and lectures method.

Three: The DFS methodis good for a family approach as it works with multi-age groups so parentscan have a couple children involved at the same place and time. It worksbetter with at least three divisions in age 5-9 years ES, 10-14 years MS,and 15-19 years HS. With 10-20 children in each group the class can be doneon a single soccer field. One lead teacher/coach and one parent volunteerfor each 10 children (or part thereof).

Four: That by running theprogram through NCSA, a Maryland State Youth Soccer Association affiliate,we get insurance and by being with a club the benefits of volume discountson equipment


Soccer Coaching Clinic

Put more soccer into your practice with small sided games and get better fun and better soccer training

NCSA, Inc. is offering a complimentary mini soccer clinic for Coaches, Physical Education Teachers, and Parents thinking about becoming Soccer Coaches, on August 20th and 27th 2005, from 4:00-6:00 PM at Beckett Field, 8511 Legation Road off Westbrook Drive and 85th Avenue, New Carrollton, Maryland.

Participants will get the most out of coming to both sessions. If you can only make one session you can still get started on using small sided games to make your soccer practice more effective.

Each coach should bring 5-10 players to participate in learning the advantages of the small sided game method for soccer training, then they will be ready to help with the introduction of the small sided games.

E-mail to tell how many coaches and players are coming from your organization to the coaching clinic.

The clinic will be lead by Jack R. Jones, MSYSA Intermediate Level Dutch Football School Coach; Jim Wildoner, NCSA President and David Hiles, MSYSA E Level Soccer Coach.


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