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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Riverdale Park Farmer's Market Anniversary

The Rieverdale Park Farmers Market anniversary was a true AGORA experience. The Agora (Indo-European AG = field and ORA = to speak) was the place of the ancient Athenian's marketing and politicking (Greek = what people do).

The Eight anniversary Market was well attended, usually I can sort of wander around with out bumping into anyone...this time I often had some intricate maneuvering to do to get from on market stall to the next. And, I got to talk with several Elected Officials and several Public Servants about Organic Farming, tobacco Phase Out, Traffic JAMS at Queensbury Road and Baltimore Avenue, the growing lack of Recreation and Educational public space, and changing Economic Incentives to improve County and municipal development.

I never enjoyed a market day so much as last Thursday! Long live the Agora...local farmer's markets and local politics!


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