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Monday, August 01, 2005

Death Defying Act

I mentioned before about the difficulty of crossing Baltimore Boulevard on Queensbury Road during rush hour. One needs a Sherman Tank or an exceedingly great bit of nerve to get across by executing the "Opitz Principle" (A Canadian Highway Engineer friend from the 1970's, who was sent by his company to work on "The Great Parking Lot to the South") The principle stated "The more traffic that is blocked, the sooner one may enter the flow thereof."

Anyhow, tiring of the effort to get action from elected officials on the issue, I called the State Highway Administration, District Three where a very pleasant gentleman took down information about the problem and appreciatively also a suggested solution, i.e. Time the Baltimore Boulevard north bound lane lights so that the Queensbury light goes RED before the East-West Highway light goes RED (maybe 10-20 seconds before); enough time to allow the north bound platoon of cars to close up, and leave the intersection clear for Queensbury Road traffic to cross. I also suggested that if the south bound Baltimore Boulevard light at Queensbury stayed GREEN for the same time it would in effect produce a left turn opportunity after the cross traffic cleared; the REDS on Queensbury would have to have some judicial timing changes too.

The gentleman said that he would pass the information on and that some one would look at the possibilities of the solution. I will keep you posted as I follow up.


Blogger David Hiles said...

Thank you for taking action!

I think this intersection, as well as rt 1/ md 410 could be good places to put roundabouts to better manage traffic flows.

6:23 AM  

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